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Social capital

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adam, aldous huxley, aquariums, archaeology, bad movies, ballroom dancing, being awesome, being creative, big fish, bill murray, bisexuals, black flag, bossa nova, boy sets fire, brian froud, c++, chester bennington, cold case, college football, combichrist, composition, conspiracies, crows, cute, cyber, d/s, daft punk, daughters, david cross, daydreams, dead can dance, death by stereo, demonology, destruction, dickies, dieting, dining out, dior, djing, eat, emily dickinson, english literature, evanescense, everquest, everwood, fangirling, fantasy books, fasting, fergie, film noir, foamy, foxes, fractals, fraggle rock, gaara, gaia, garth brooks, ginger snaps, gir, glasses, god forbid, good omens, hacking, hannah montana, hans zimmer, haute couture, humans, idlewild, intimacy, irish, irvine welsh, jade puget, janis joplin, junk, kings of leon, knights, laurell k. hamilton, lights, louis vuitton, mac and cheese, massage therapy, media, megatokyo, midnight, mika, nails, naps, navy, newlyweds, nora, nostalgia, oil painting, online shopping, oregon, originality, orlando, peanut butter, pixar, platforms, playstation, pocky, polyamory, pucca, puerto rico, robbie williams, roswell, rush, russia, salsa, saxophone, selling, sims, sister hazel, slave, sora, spiderman, swearing, sxe, t.s. eliot, tbs, teen titans, the academy is..., the doctor, the wizard of oz, thongs, thrash, ties, tsubasa, tumbling, turkey, twiztid, white stripes, Кустурица, Стругацкие, детективы, интеллект, классическая, крыши, магазины, наблюдать, прогулки, рисунок, сыр, шоппинг

Social capital

  • less than 10